Do you have courage? Not the kind to jump out of an airplane, it's not always like that. It can feel just as scary to start a conversation or a business, or a new habit. We all need a little courage at times and today's episode gives you 5 Steps to begin building courage AND clarity. Together, they'll make you unstoppable!

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5 Steps to Courage & Clarity - Show Notes

00:08 Welcome to Beautiful You. My name is Becca Starr and I'm the host of our podcast where I remind you of how beautiful and perfect you already are. I give you tips and strategies, very simple techniques to access the power you have inside of you.

00:28 I am so excited about today's episode. I'm going to jump right in. This week I'm sharing something we all need sometimes: Courage. This week we'll be talking about courage and clarity, and at the end of this episode I'm going to give you a special link to access a downloadable guide that will help you through these exercises and techniques I'm offering in today's episode.

00:56 So courage is truly the difference between success and feeling very satisfied in your life, and not feeling satisfied but also living a life of regret, and that's a very big difference. When you step back to look at the two options there, I want you to understand that that is what you choose. We all need courage but many of us are not able to access it on a regular basis, and the courage I'm talking about isn't about jumping out of an airplane but sometimes just simply starting a conversation can feel just as scary as skydiving. We've all been there, and the difference between the successful people who feel so confident and satisfied is that they feel that fear and they do it anyway by any means. They do it anyway. I'm going to break it down for you.

02:07 So this episode will help you if you're playing it safe. You want to do more with your life or your career, but you're not sure how, and anytime you have an idea it quickly becomes an afterthought. It's as if the spark of an idea isn't fanned with courage, and it becomes very easy to feel convinced it really wouldn't be good. And it gets brushed aside with a lot of other little great ideas you've had. Does that sound familiar?

02:41 When we have little hits of inspiration, I like to call them, there's a process that happens. Now this happens for everyone. It's the process of change for human beings. It can be big or small skill stuff, and what happens is we have a great inspired thought. We feel excited, a little relieved maybe because it's a solution to something that we're not feeling complete about. That's why we get this hit. That's why we get this inspiration or this idea, this particular stream of thinking. It has a positive energy to it. Within moments literally that's all it takes, without acting on that inspiration, we can quickly lose our motivation, the courage required to take action.

03:36 So here's what I suggest. Micro-actions are a big part of what makes the BITMOR Method so effective. Carry a small notebook around. Write down the thought, and that's it. Just put the thought on paper. I'll give you four more actions, excuse me, micro-actions to take as you build your courage and get more clarity on what will create a fail-proof plan for you. Plus I will give you access to a special link for a free downloadable workbook. Just stay tuned until the end and get that special link.

04:16 You're listening to this episode because you're ready to create an extraordinary life. You've been playing it safe. You're probably pretty successful in certain areas of your life and you don't want to give up the security you have. I get it. I was there. What I know for sure is that the universe will make things change for you if you don't begin to do it for yourself. You have choices. You can take small consistent action that requires some courage, or you ignore your ideas for change and you very well may find yourself faced with a lot less options.

04:59 This isn't to scare you. This is just to remind you we have intuition and inspirations for a reason. They are our friend. When we pay attention to them, they become more clear and we get more needed information. Either way, things are always transforming. When we ignore that still small voice, it can get a little louder. It can get more persistent. It can bang on your door and it has the power to knock your house down.

05:34 But when we choose to listen and take some actions and honor that voice, our path gets more clear. Our still small voice becomes comforting. We meet people and find ourselves in situations we could have only dreamed of. So what are the micro-actions you can take to gain more clarity and live with courage to stop playing it safe?

05:58 As I mentioned:

05:59 1. Get a small notebook and carry it with you, writing down all inspired thoughts, big, small, sensible and totally unreasonable. Write them all down.

06:12 2. Get more conscious about inspired thinking. Take a few moments each day to ask your invisible team, your God, the universe, higher self, your spiritual team. Ask what you can do today to create an extraordinary life. You ask what you need to ask to get your inspiration. You know simply you can specify your goal, you can leave it wide open and just see what comes. The goal of this particular micro-action is to ask.

06:45 You may get an answer right away. Write it down. You may feel a hit of inspiration a little later. Write that down. Stay in the flow. Writing these thoughts down is taking action. Trust the process. 3. For our micro-actions. Now you know I don't want you to only have a notebook with amazing inspirations that you carry around and do nothing with, so choose one. Just one, and take that action. Take that action and take one action a day. Simply one action.

07:25 4. This one will help if you're feeling scared or starting to convince yourself that it's not a good action to take. This happens a lot and like I said already, it literally only takes moments for a good idea to be tossed aside. Find your strength. Get a mentor, a coach, an accountability partner. Find a friend who lifts you up and might be willing to be your cheerleader. Be your own cheerleader. Read stories of people who have the strength and courage you'd like to have more of.

08:02 There are inspirational stories everywhere. Find somebody that resonates with you. Find more than one person. Read about their experience. If they are alive, contact them. Ask them how they have courage. Surrounding ourselves with people who are doing what we desire to be doing gets us there so much faster.

08:27 Embody the feeling state of what your future self is capable of. Use Nike's slogan: Just do it. Whatever is required for you to step out of your comfort zone.

08:41 5. Share your success. Share it with your cheerleader, your mentor, your coach. Please share it in the comments of our podcast webpage. What are you getting most out of these micro-actions? They're all equally important and some might be easier than others. When you share your experience and your strength, you inspire others. You're a powerful beautiful human being.

09:07 Thank you so much for joining me. You can access your free workbook that I have designed specifically to get more clarity and courage at Join us next week when we talk about accessing the inner spark of genius that only you possess. How do you get more in touch with that? I cannot wait to share that with you, and until then, have a beautiful week my friends. I would love and appreciate it if you took a moment to rate and review our show on iTunes. Thank you so much.

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